Tired nation tries to be outraged about HSBC

The entire nation was, this morning, attempting to muster some kind of moral outrage over revelations that the bank HSBC may have engaged in huge and systematic tax evasion. The tired and demoralized electorate of the United Kingdom was, at press...

Businessman in Conference Room

Banker quits to chase consultancy dream

Stating that he was tired of selling his soul for money and wanted to reacquire some imaginative spirit, 28-year old Russell Blankfein has abandoned his career as an investment banker in order to pursue his creative dreams as a management...


Poundland buys 99p Store, prices set to rise

Shoppers have reacted with anxiety to reports that Poundland is looking to buy 99p Stores, with a markup in prices predicted to be not far behind. “The 99p Stores CEO asked us how much we were going to pay when we got to the till,” said...

pharrell at davos

World poverty solved by Davos summit

All forms of poverty have reportedly been fixed in the last week following a series of roundtable meetings between billionaires, politicians and celebrities at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos. “Yeah, turns out it wasn’t that hard...