Jeremy Corbyn misogyny

Oiled, steroid-enhanced Owen Smith declares Corbyn “not man enough” to tackle misogyny

Jeremy Corbyn misogyny

Accusing the incumbent leader of “fighting misogyny like a girl”, an oiled, visibly steroid-enhanced Owen Smith has told reporters in a shirtless press conference this morning that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is “not man enough” to successfully root out sexism among party members.

The Pontypridd MP and challenger for the party’s leadership told journalists that “when I’m running the show, we’re going to take sexism, rip its fucking tongue out through its throat, and bitch-slap it back to the Middle Ages where it fucking belongs”, booming his condemnation of misogynistic internet trolls through capacious lungs whilst flexing his gigantic biceps and tensing his exposed, rock-hard pectoral muscles before the assembled cameras.

Referring to criticisms made of Mr Corbyn’s handling of claims of abuse and trolling against female MPs by his supporters, Mr Smith underlined the importance of the struggle to tackle gendered intimidation in political spaces, yelling: “This is a man’s game, Jeremy, not some fucking girl scout shit. If you can’t get it done, get the fuck out the way and make way for someone who can, before I have to slap you down and snap your neck like a goddamn toothpick.”

“We’re going to fuck misogyny up the ass,” Mr Smith added this afternoon, in a follow-up tweet linking to a post containing further thoughts on the unacceptability of aggressive sexualised and gendered rhetoric in political spaces.

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