Smiling taxi driver

INSPIRING! This progressive taxi driver wants to bring back hanging for mansplainers and cat-callers

Smiling taxi driver

Henry Jones is a 52-year-old London cab driver. But, check your prejudice – you won’t catch him mouthing off about foreigners, women drivers or religious minorities! Instead, Jones is using his power for good by angrily telling customers that he would support the return of capital punishment for mansplainers and cat-callers.

Now that’s what I call progress!

“They should line the lot of them up against a wall and shoot them,” Jones told two of our reporters during a journey this morning. “Internet trolls, dudebros, fake “nice guys” on Tinder – if they’re not going to respect a woman’s right to be treated with dignity either in real life or online, that’s the one thing I won’t fucking take.”

Awesome, no?!

Jones went on to tell our staffers that “every time I see a fucking England flag, I swear, it almost makes me sick”, commenting: “Ukip, EDL, BNP, the whole fucking lot of them can all fuck off, they’re all the same as far as I’m concerned.”


We were sure to tip of course, even though we were late to work – our new friend stopped for ten minutes to lean out his window to berate a man who was berating a woman who was wearing a hijab, and also slowed down to pointedly not honk his horn at every woman he passed – and went on our way more sure than ever that progressive change is happening in this country, even if it doesn’t always feel that way!

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