Nick Clegg

Lib Dem leadership contest down to last 8

Nick Clegg

After a nationwide poll to whittle down the extensive field of candidates, the Liberal Democrats are now down to the last 8 contenders vying to be the Party’s next leader.

The leadership contest which started just over 6 weeks ago has been open to voters from up and down the country who were asked to mark an “x” next to a liberal candidate if they still wanted them to be in the running.

“This is great news for the Liberal Democrats” said a jubilant Nick Clegg. “We were stuck picking from 56 potential leaders, but now we’re down to single digits the process will be much easier”.

“I am so confident I am resigning right now.”

Electoral experts also congratulated the Lib Dems on the openness of their contest.

“I really liked the way they invited the whole country to take part” said Professor Vernon Bogdanor from Oxford University.

“However, one might query the logic of holding the contest on precisely the same day as a general election. Some voters might have got confused between the two.”


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