BBC election results coverage leaked online

Pre-recorded footage of David Dimbleby announcing the winner of the 2015 General Election was leaked online this morning via popular file sharing site The Pirate Bay.

The clip shows a visibly tired Dimbleby saying, “And with this latest result from Hastings, I can announce that the Labour Party has the majority it needs to form the next government. Well, that’ll be all for tonight. Tomorrow – a new Britain.”

The yet-to-be-broadcast ten hour epic involves hundreds of MPs, returning officers, and extras who have been filming the election night scenes in town halls across the country since early November. However, the result had been a closely guarded secret with all cast members forced to sign confidentiality agreements.

Online general election fan forum The Guardian has banned people from posting any spoiler clips. “No, I haven’t seen them, and I don’t want to,” said moderator Alan Rusbridger. “As far as I’m concerned, anyone could still win.”

The show’s fans have urged others to watch the broadcast on the evening of polling day to show their support for original broadcasting. “If the viewing figures are low, the BBC might decide not to commission it again,” warned fan Sophie Hern. “Besides, the magic just isn’t captured by watching it on your laptop. Great scenes like the 3am Hampstead and Kilburn announcement are so much better on the television.”

David Dimbleby has expressed his fury at the leak. “Months of hard work, all ruined by selfish nerds. I hate nerds.”

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