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5,000 Nepalese miraculously crushed by rubble

syria civil warAid workers have pulled over 5,000 miraculously dead people from rubble more than 5 days after a devastating earthquake hit Nepal.

“It’s a miracle how they didn’t survive,” said journalist Annie Weathers as she typed up the story for The Telegraph. “Somehow, against all the laws of physics, these really heavy things fell down on top of them and they died horrible deaths. What are the chances?”

“I guess there is a God after all.”

Experts believe there may be many other miraculous dead bodies lying under the rubble. “Usually we call off search-and-rescue quite quickly for dead bodies,” said a UN worker. “But in this case there are hundreds still to be recovered.”

“Yes, it’s testament to the triumph of human spirit, or something…I guess,” they said in response to a question from a journalist, staring at the miraculous devastation in front of their eyes. “Now can you actually pick up some of this rubble and help us?”

“When they pulled me out of the rubble, I couldn’t believe I’d survived,” one young child said, as photographers swarmed round to take pictures of the heartwarming and life-affirming scene. “What are the odds that I should live when all my friends and family were killed? Truly, it’s a miracle.”

The earthquake also left 70,000 homes miraculously scathed and 8 million people miraculously in a humanitarian crisis.

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