BBC news site reduced to ‘horrible’ and ‘fun’ tabs


The BBC today revealed plans to revamp their news site and place all stories in one of two easy-to-understand sections. Long held as a bastion of journalistic integrity, the website currently features a huge selection of stories from around the world along with interviews and video clips. As of next Monday all of these will be found via two simple tabs: ‘horrible’ and ‘fun’.

Following a nationwide survey the overall feedback showed that the public thought being informed about world events was important but that these events had a tendency to be a bit sad.

“Stories about mass-killings, war, and global warming can be a bit much on a Tuesday morning” said one anonymous participant. “I’d rather ease into the day with something about the weather, or traffic. Maybe some sport. Or a list! I do like lists.”

The BBC’s head of web development Simon Archer said “we all have so much news flying at us these days and only so much time to read it in. We wanted to help our visitors by streamlining the process and giving them a hand in finding the news that matters to them. Simply having two massive buttons to click on will makes things much easier.”

Mr. Archer continued “our research shows that, given the choice between a story about ISIS or a dog helping to rescue its owner, the dog wins every time. We agree that the ISIS stuff is horrible but it’s still important. The fluorescent green ‘fun’ tab will be bottom left, and the big red ‘horrible’ will be top right. Everyone wins’.


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