Labour reach out to women with new ‘Ed Miliband’ Barbie range


Labour have unveiled a campaign to target female voters with a specially designed range of ‘Ed Miliband’ Barbies.

The dolls, featuring the Labour leader in a range of pink suits, will be handed out by female Labour MPs to women around the country in an effort to start serious conversations about systemic structural sexism.

“I don’t think it’s patronising at all,” said Harriet Harman. “We experimented with an ‘Ed Miliband’ Wallace from Wallace & Gromit, but we decided it didn’t stand out enough from the real Ed.”

“We’ll also be getting women to write their concerns about equal pay, domestic violence, and sexual abuse in this lovely shiny notebook with this special glittery gel pen,” she added.

The Barbie versions of the Labour leader have a number of pre-programmed phrases, including: “The gender pay gap remains at 19.7%”, “Rape conviction rates are actually declining”, and  “Progress is stalling and the clock is being turned back on equality. Now let’s forget our troubles with a big bowl of strawberry ice cream!”

The campaign has been met with derision from members of the public. “How can Labour be so stupid as to patronise women like this?” said Dan Oldfield. “We all know that sexism ended well over a decade ago and everything is fine.”

The Conservatives have also hit back at the campaign. “We would never reach out to women in this way,” said David Cameron. “Or in any way at all, actually. How else are we meant to keep our percentage of female MPs at under 16%?”

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