One of the hacked tweets

ISIS Twitter account hacked by religious extremists

One of the hacked tweets

One of the tweets published by the group of hackers

The Twitter account of ISIS was suspended for a few hours today after being hacked by a group of religious extremists.

A series of tweets supposedly announcing ISIS’s intention to kill and rape thousands of innocent people in the Middle East, wipe out religious minorities, and establish a new caliphate under sharia law, were posted by the hackers last night and quickly attracted the attention of Twitter users.

“They weren’t going to fool me that easily,” said Anne Purkis, who flagged the issue to ISIS’s social media team. “For instance the last post about how women should be circumcised or face being stoned to death. It’s the 21st century, duh – no-one holds views like that any more!”

“At first I was confused by their tweets about how anyone depicting the Prophet Muhammad should be executed,” commented another follower. “I mean, it doesn’t actually explicitly say that anywhere in the Koran. And then I realised I’d been pranked.”

An ISIS spokesman apologised for the security breach. “There isn’t a word of truth in any of these tweets, especially the one saying that we are plotting mass attacks against civilians all around the Western world.”

“That one is definitely 100% made up.”

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