To be stored on the floor, preferably in a walkway

The Underground Magazine guide to fitting in at the gym

To be stored on the floor, preferably in a walkway

To be stored on the floor, preferably in a walkway

These days, it’s important to stay in shape.  But as we all know, it’s more important to be popular.   So here are a few handy Underground Magazine tips on how to fit in at the gym that will help you climb to the top of the social treadmill!

1. Take lots of selfies
One of the best ways to become popular is to act popular.  And what demonstrates acceptance more than posting dozens of #selfies an hour?  Be sure to take at least one self-shot photograph per machine. Having problems uploading?  You’ll find your fellow gym-goers happy to help.

2. Make lots of noise
People love it when you give 110%, so make sure you grunt and shout whilst working out.  That way, everyone will know just how dedicated you are to the gym.  Slamming down weights and heavy equipment also works.

Pro-tip: got a bangin’ song going on in your headphones that no-one else can hear?  Don’t be a tune-hog!  Belt it out for everyone to enjoy – sharing is caring!

(c) Text, text and text some more
When using the workout machines, be sure to spend 3-5 minutes between reps WhatsApping your contacts.  This gives off the impression you are super popular and have a bustling, active social life.  No-one to text?  Just repeatedly request your monthly balance!

VI Flirt like a pro
It’s well-known that the gym is a great place to hook up.  With sweat, muscle and hormones flying about all over the place, the gym is literally permanently on the cusp of an orgy.  So do to hit on everyone and anyone you can.

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