Getting back to my street harassment roots: The Dapper Laughs story


Daniel O’Reilly, better known as his alter ego Dapper Laughs, has been much talked about in recent days and we wanted to know more about the man behind the legend. The former ITV2 comedian tells all to Underground Magazine and explains why, despite losing his TV show and cancelling a tour, he’s in good spirits.

Truth be told I’m looking forward to harassing some women just for Dapper for a while. People forget that I was doing this without TV cameras or even a phone for years. I’m sure I can pick it up again. After a while I just wasn’t enjoying turning every woman I saw into a crude punchline as much as I should have been.

I started recording myself shouting at random women just so I could look back at it later and have a laugh. When you say something sexual to a women waiting at a bus stop you get this incredible sense of satisfaction. I never expected ITV would have sunk so low to actually give me my own show. Not many people are lucky enough to get paid for what they love, so when I was given this once in a lifetime I had to take it.

So there I was on ITV. Well, ITV2. Sure, people might say its programming is ‘stale’, ‘lowest common denominator’, or ‘ITV2’ but the at least the public were finally seeing me. This was my chance to share my love of women with the world. Ordinarily I might have questioned whether randomly selecting a woman for some punter to try out sleezy lines on was degrading, but if a TV station was behind me then I knew it had an artistic component.

But all good things must come to an end. The Feminazis heard about me. Apparently even if you create a charity album for the homeless that raises almost £40 for every 10,000 listens, that still doesn’t give you a license to slag off the lazy bastards who stink of shit. And apparently rape jokes aren’t funny anymore either. If you don’t want people to make fun of rape doesn’t that make you pro-rape? I never said rape was good, just that I would do it if I wanted to. Not that I want to! People twist everything.

Anyway, my manager sat me down and told me two magical words that will change everything: ‘satirical character’. Apparently I wasn’t just taking a collection of builders’ jokes from the 1980’s and spewing them out onto the internet. I had actually created a ‘character’ to ‘satirise’ LAD culture and draw attention to the prevalence of street harassment. I’m amazed at myself sometimes. He says when enough people believe this I can go back to doing what I love.

With all the success and admiration I was getting, I’d forgotten why I first got into this business: to say whatever the hell comes into my head to whatever woman is standing in front of me. Truth be told I’m an amatuer harasser at best. If I was anything like the great BBC sex pests I could have kept this going for years.

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