Is there no one left in Britain who can write proper journalism?


The UK’s biggest news website, the Mail Online, has announced its intention to recruit hundreds of workers from Eastern Europe in response to an ‘unprecedented dearth’ of British journalists capable of writing anything other than lazy articles about immigration.

The Daily Mail’s official website, which supplies clickbait for gullible liberals on social networks, admits it will have to recruit most of the writers it needs from overseas.

Its vacancy crisis will re-ignite claims that Britain’s generous traditions of racism have created a generation of journalists unwilling to write about immigration sensibly.

Janine Russell, Mail Online’s HR director, said the company tried to recruit in the UK, but that it was ‘not always the kind of work’ which people wanted to do.

“A lot of people are turned off by the small-minded xenophobia and the general culture of nastiness we promote here at the Daily Mail,” she said. “So we’re even having to consider employing foreigners. Only problem is, none of them want to come here because we’ve made it clear they’re scum.”

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has claimed that the last Labour Government’s rhetoric on immigration has led to a huge influx of low-skilled journalists unable to write anything that doesn’t portray immigrants in a negative light.

“We mustn’t blame these journalists,” he said. “They’re just looking to make ends meet in a world that doesn’t need their skillset any more. It’s this or listicles.”

“We should instead blame the British public, who aren’t happy unless they’re being outraged.”

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