Outrage as John Lewis penguin appears without Poppy


Monty and an unnamed accomplice destroying British values

John Lewis is currently facing a massive public backlash after Monty the penguin, star of the firm’s Christmas advert, appeared in several television broadcasts without wearing a poppy or mentioning the great sacrifices endured by the nation’s war heroes.

“It’s incredibly disrespectful,” said Jennifer Fisher. “Our boys died so that Monty might enjoy Christmas in high bourgeois splendour with limitless pricey soft goods and super cute penguin pajamas, the least he could do is show some respect. ”

In a statement to the press John Lewis was quick to condemn the poppy-less penguin. “Monty does not represent the views of John Lewis” said chief executive Andy Street. “However if you want to unconsciously associate his adorable furriness with our brand, that’s fine by us” he added.

At press time there was further anger after it emerged that Monty is not a British citizen and has residency on several small uninhabited islands off the coast of Antarctica where he shelters much of his pre-tax income.

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