Man carefully phrasing criticism of misogyny to accommodate own habits


Waiting for the mansplanation.

Sources close to local resident and man Sean Davidson are reporting that he this morning delivered a carefully tailored feminist critique of male misogyny, which neatly skirted around any of his own habits.

“Some guys just look right over female candidates for promotion at work – like, just reject them out of hand, I mean,” Davidson, 25, who recently interviewed and, ultimately, decided against employing two qualified female applicants for a role at his start-up company in favour of a guy who just seemed like he’d fit in better, is reported to have said.  “And a whole bunch of men think groping is funny – even beyond their teenage years when everyone’s doing it, I mean to say.”

“What’s more, there are so many guys who get a kick out of telling sexist jokes.  I guess some of them just smile along while other people tell them, which is a bit more understandable I suppose, ‘cos there’s a lot of social pressure, but I mean, there’s loads who actually initiate that kind of thing,” Davidson concluded, shaking his head ruefully.

Commenting exclusively to Underground Magazine, Davidson’s friend Isabelle Hopkins explained that in recent weeks the aspiring entrepreneur has worked his way through topics such as pornography use, equal pay and objectification, all whilst studiously avoiding any comment on his own practices in these areas. At press time, Davidson was reportedly giving passionate expression to the idea that some guys (notably, those involved in ‘the really bad stuff’), really need to reflect on their behaviour a whole lot more.

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