Talk about hidden talents! Jay-Z shows off his rap skills on the Tonight Show


Jay-Z is a man of many talents, which he proved yet again on Tuesday. The world-famous actor, best known for his cameo appearances in Paper Soldiers and State Property, put his rap skills to the test when he performed ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ by Blackalicious on NBC’s The Tonight Show.

Before taking the stage, the 44-year-old American confessed that he’s always been a big hip-hop fan, “which surprises a lot of people.”

His passion for the musical genre goes back years. “I remember when I first heard [hip hop] – I must have been 28 or 29 years old,” Jay-Z recalled. “It blew me away.”

“I even thought about doing that whole music thing for a living,” he joked, to laughs from the audience, before going on to perfectly rap the Blackalicious tune down to the syllable.

“It was like he’s been rapping his whole life!” commented one stunned audience member. “I mean, we’ve all heard about his successful career as an urban clothing brand entrepreneur, but boy can Jay-Z rap! Sign me up for his debut album. No, I mean it – seriously – I’d pay for that.”

“Come on!” host Jimmy Fallon said as the certified NBA and MLB sports agent received a standing ovation for his incredible rap skills. “Jay-Z, people!”

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