Viral video shows how many nice guys the average bitch ignores


Feminists were taken aback today after a hidden camera video intended to expose street harassment showed only a bunch of nice guys going out of their way to compliment a stuck-up bitch.

“We thought the video would show sustained harassment or abuse but instead it shows just how friendly a lot of men are,” said disappointed filmmaker Rob Bliss. “Seriously, these guys just drop whatever they’re doing to follow a woman around making comments about how they’d like to sleep with her. What gentlemen!”

“In fact it got so embarrassing that our actress had to ignore all the complete strangers and pretend to be a frigid bitch – although fortunately that didn’t put anyone off.”

“If it was just one guy passing unsolicited comments on a woman’s appearance it might be considered creepy,” explained Shoshana B. Roberts, who was filmed for the video. “But the cumulative effect of complete strangers making constant comments on your body and what they’d like to do to you makes you feel safe and respected.”

The video has sparked discussion of ‘compliment culture’. “Before watching, I never even realised this happened to women,” commented one man on Facebook. “It just shows you how much this respecting of women’s bodies permeates our society. Thank goodness feminism has won!”

“This video shows the disgusting double standard that men have to endure,” said Guy Génial. “I often walk the streets for ages looking for compliments and offers of sex – but I get nothing. Even if I stalk a woman, she’d rather talk to some police officer than to me. Why can’t we talk about men’s rights for a change?”

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