Sir Ian McKellen's face looks totally different in this recent photograph.

Forget Renee Zellweger: what’s happened to Ian McKellen’s face?

Sir Ian McKellen's face looks totally different in this recent photograph.

Sir Ian McKellen’s face looks totally different in this recent photograph.

He’s well known for transforming his appearance for movie roles.

But off-screen Ian McKellen, 75, displayed an astonishingly different look at a glamorous event at the Four Seasons Hotel in California on Monday.

The Hamlet actor looked almost unrecognisable with his super wrinkly forehead, shiny nose and suspiciously beardy face, although he has never admitted to getting surgery.

He wore his grey hair in a wispy side-parting, and kept his makeup natural, opting for a light touch of mascara.

His choice of suit was a winning look, black leg-length trousers with a conventional jacket with a sheer buttoned shirt.

According to leading plastic surgeons, the 75-year-old’s brows don’t appear to be higher than before, suggesting he hasn’t had a brow lift.

One doctor says his flawless nose could be down to the use of Botox.

He said: “His nose is very smooth – you would expect more expressive wrinkles when he smiles which indicates a possible small dose of Botox in his nose.”

Fans of McKellen were shocked to see the transformation of their favourite RSC actor.

“He looked gorgeous and young when he made his debut in Much Ado About Nothing in 1965,” lamented Anna Lees on Facebook.

“But here he looks absolutely horrible. I’ll certainly not be watching any of his new films, yuck.”

There was general consensus that it was a tragedy that such a great actor should fail to make the effort to conform to society’s pre-conceived notions of beauty.

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