Oscar Pistorius appears at pre trial hearing in Pretoria

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 0.19 Mandelas

Oscar Pistorius appears at pre trial hearing in Pretoria
Following a six month trial, South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to 0.19 Mandelas in prison for the killing of his girlfriend.

“Given the severity of this crime, I have no choice but to sentence you to 19% of the term served by a man who fought for equality for all South Africans,” said Judge Thokozile Masipa. “On your release you will of course be greeted as a hero but until then you will break rocks and write inspiring poetry while the country changes around you. This is the harshest sentence a South African court can deliver.”

Although Judge Masipa had been considering sentencing Pistorius to 0.27 Aung San Suu Kyi’s (4 years of house arrest in layman’s terms) this was deemed to be culturally confusing.

Some critics are saying that the sentence is far too short. “Due to his great sporting achievements Oscar has become at least one third as important to the country as Mandela was,” says sports fan Neil Acheson. “He should receive a minimum 9 years in prison in recognition of his fame.”

The Federation of Conservative Students has come out against the decision, saying it is too lenient and Pistorius should be 19% hanged instead.

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