Father not disappointed, just angry

An Ealing father-of-two was said to be ‘apopleptic at, but not especially downheartened by’ the actions of his daughters yesterday evening, for reasons which are yet to emerge. Witnesses who saw Scott Townsend, 47, having very stern words with the pair described him as ‘incandescent with rage’ but ‘not particularly displeased’.

“I in no way expected better things from them. I’m furious” commented Townsend. “Frankly, I’m not in the least bit disappointed.  I’m just angry.”

“I wish he wouldn’t be so active-aggressive,” commented elder daughter Jessica, 14. “I would have honestly felt much better if he had just tearfully taken me aside and explained how he had hoped for more from me.”

Heather, 12, agreed.  Speaking exclusively to Underground Magazine about the telling-off, she commented: “It wasn’t so much the way he said it, as what he said.”

Townsend was later heard explaining to the pair about how, although they had let themselves down somewhat, most of all they had let him down.

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