Rich white man to shake up political establishment


The Westminster establishment finds itself in upheaval following UKIP candidate Douglas Carswell’s win in the Clacton-on-Sea by-election last week, opening a ‘revolutionary new wave’ of wealthy straight white cis male voices in UK politics.

The victory of Carswell, a privately educated white man, was hailed as ‘the breath of fresh air that Westminster’s been crying out for’ by UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who added that the vote was ‘a victory for the underdog.’

Farage added that he himself was another case study in UKIP’s ‘fighting spirit’, having achieved success and recognition despite being an affluent alumnus of Dulwich College and taking a job as a stockbroker immediately after leaving education. He emphasised that UKIP had gained success despite an establishment-media blackout, which has made the party a central feature in every newspaper article or current affairs-themed TV programme in the UK during the last three years.

The by-election’s ramifications for the UK’s balance of power have been greeted with approval by many in right-leaning media outlets. Writing in the Daily Mail, columnist Richard Littlejohn, whose articles reach around two million readers daily, commented: “The media tried to crush UKIP. But Douglas Carswell’s election is a step towards real representation for those who look and sound exactly like Douglas Carswell.”

At time of press, social scientists were hastening to point out that, while Carswell’s triumph does have some symbolic value, the ‘vicious cycle’ of economic prosperity and social privilege affecting straight white men is unlikely to be broken overnight.

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