STOCKHOLM: Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 2010.

Nobel committee announce new prize just for women

STOCKHOLM: Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 2010.

In a move which has shocked the academic community, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has announced a new Nobel prize just for women in the field of “looking terribly pretty and coming across well at dinner parties, but not in an intimidatingly intelligent sort of way”.

The prize, which is in the form of a small pink trophy and a twenty pound voucher for Accessorize, has been hailed by the feminist community as a great leap forward.

“Affirmative action is something we have long campaigned for” said Laura Bates of the Everyday Sexism Project. “We need to start treating women differently to everyone else in order to establish equality. That’s just logic.”

But other campaigners for women’s issues claim the Nobel prize remains an entrenched theatre of anti-female bias due to its emphasis on traditionally male dominated areas like Economics, Physics and worldly attainment.

“You can’t get more misogynistic than the hard sciences” said author Naomi Wolf.

“A woman’s practically got to get shot in the head to win one.”

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