Tornado filmed on Merseyside road thought to be moving to London


A tornado filmed crossing over the M53 in Bromborough, Merseyside, on Wednesday was believed to be leaving the Liverpool region to pursue a career in London.

Cars were seen pulling over to the shoulder of the road as the tornado passed by hoping to convince it to stay in the region it was born. “There are plenty of opportunities for young weather systems outside of London,” pleaded one woman. “If nothing exists already why can’t you be the one to start it?!”

“Start up tornados feel like big fish in a small pool up here,” a Met office spokesman explained. “The belief among entrepreneurial ‘young weather’ is if you want to be a famous tornado, you’ve just got to go to London. The rain drain is precipitous.”

The anonymous tornado refused to give a statement to the Liverpool Echo reporter on the scene choosing instead to jump into a neighbouring garden and throw bins and garden furniture about in a disgraceful display of antisocial behaviour.

Tornadoes were also reported to have swept through Cumbria and Derbyshire, with one house losing part of its roof and the local soccer team losing both of its starting forwards.

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