Anjem Choudary arrested in major counter-asshole raid

Police today raided houses across London in an attempt to clamp down on “radical domestic-asshole cells”. Among those arrested was radical asshole Anjem Choudary, the leader of the banned asshole group Islam4UK.

Choudary has been arrested several times in the past for being an unrepentant and unrelenting asshole though he has never been convicted. However, in this instance police say they are certain that Choudary can be linked to “multiple acts of being a complete and utter asshole and supporting thoroughly asshole-esque activities.”

The raid is a sister operation to the one that resulted in the arrest of EDL asshole Tommy Robinson last year though unfortunately Mr Robinson was able to avoid jail time by being not quite enough of an asshole. He is currently classified by police as “a complete twat”.

Critics of the operation were quick to respond. “The arrest of assholes like Mr Choudary should not happen in an open and inclusive society,” said Amy Reddington of Amnesty International. “Governments should be reaching out to the assholes of the world so that they feel like they have a stake in their communities. By making him a martyr you will only encourage more people to become massive assholes just like him.”

There is increased tension surrounding the treatment of assholes in the UK due to international groups such as ISIL and Boko Haram carrying out unprecedented acts of assholery across the globe.

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