Apple unveil iPhone 6’s secret pocket-fitting technology


Apple have today revealed a hidden feature of the iPhone 6: its ability to bend itself to fit users’ pockets.

“As smartphones become bulkier and bulkier, there are serious docking issues with outdated pocket technology,” explained Tim Cook. “We did think about going down the proprietary pocket route, but we’ve decided to specially engineer the new iPhone so that it does the work for you, bending snugly and cracking its case so as to accommodate the curve of your leg.”

Apple fans were delighted with the new feature. “It’s just amazing,” said Brett Phipps, who queued up for 2 days to get one of the first devices. “I thought they couldn’t possibly improve on the iPhone 5, but when I saw they’d slightly changed the user interface I knew they’d done it again! And this whole personalised fitting thing is the cherry on the cake.”

Cook revealed that the feature had been kept quiet as an ‘easter egg’ for fans who’d been among the first to spend $649 on the device. “For that money, you’re not just getting the chance to sample all the cool new features we’ve announced,” he said. “You’re also getting the exclusive opportunity to find the special ones that are reserved for our first customers.”

This is not the first time a new release of the iPhone has contained hidden technologies identified by customers. The iPhone 4 reportedly contained unique privacy and call blocking functionality that could be activated by simply holding the device.

Some analysts have suggested that the bending may actually just be a design defect, prompting Apple fans to respond that if that is the case, it would surely be the fabric of reality warping around their devotion, and definitely not a problem with the device itself.

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