US launches strikes against British forces in Syria

Three of the British citizens the Home Office fears may have been targeted by the US

The United States this morning admitted that it had carried out missile bombardment of British soldiers currently fighting against Bashar Al-Assad. This is a complete reversal from recent times when Assad was considered an enemy of America and British forces were seen as allies.

David Cameron expressed his disappointment this morning. “These British citizens travelled overseas leaving the comfort of their homes and families to try and free the Syrian people from the murderous Assad regime.”

He continued, “It is completely unacceptable for the US to interfere with the civilian counter terrorism unit ISIS.”

British forces fighting in Syria uploaded a video this morning appealing to the American President. “Mr Obama, I remember a time when you were young and wanted to take on Bashar. Why wont you let the youth of Britain follow your lead?”

The move has concerned many long time analysts of conflict in the Middle East who say the unprecedented coalition between the US and Syria could be very destabilising for the region.

“This choice of defending Al Assad against British forces can only mean that the Obama is also turning his back on Israel,” said Robert Fisk of The Independent. “We expect to see American bombing of Israeli forces in the occupied Golan Heights in the next 24 hours.”


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