syria civil war

Syria commits to carbon neutrality by 2030

syria civil war

In a move that has drawn widespread praise from the international community, the Syrian government yesterday pledged to have a net carbon output of zero within the next 20 years.

Announcing the scheme yesterday, President Bashar al-Assad said “The key thing here is sustainability. We all have to make sacrifices to protect the Syria we love for our children.”

The Middle Eastern state has been decommissioning traditional power stations, in a bid to reduce fossil fuel dependency, as well as targeting individual users of electricity.

“There are those who remain unconvinced of the need for environmental legislation,” added Assad. “But what sort of government would take a chance on its children’s future?”

However, opposition leader Walid Ahmed of the Free Syrian Army remained unconvinced. Commenting on the pledge at a media conference yesterday afternoon, he said, “Assad is guilty of war crimes against his own people. We shall not rest until he is held accountable.”

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