Jennifer Lawrence selfies: Is it moral to download or should you just view them online?

If you’re a guy with an internet connection you’ve had some difficult questions to answer this week. Do you want to have to go to the worry of making and hiding a special folder for some tasty new pics? Or do you take the risk that the links you’ve been scurrying around to find will expire and you’ll have to start all over again?

Look at her. She obviously has no problem with people taking photos of her. Wherever she goes there is some entrepreneuring guy patiently waiting for her to leave the security of a car so he can make $50. She clearly wants it.


And you know what? She’s always on her phone too. If you take pictures of yourself with the same thing that you trust with all of your banking details and private conversations then you have to expect that the world is going to see them eventually.

It doesn’t matter that a company that insists on automatically backing up your photos, often without you knowing, has allowed some kid with time on his hands to render their whole service worthless. What we should be focusing on is this windfall of nudity that we are being treated to.

Sure there’s a morass of porn out there specifically engineered to cater to your needs. There are films beyond the most frenzied imaginations of your ancestors, endlessly categorized and user rated. All at the touch of a button. But no. This is different. This is sexy because unlike those girls she really doesn’t want you to see these. You can’t get that from acting.

So here’s the real question. Are you finding that special safely nestled folder when you can secure your quarry, or will you leave them in the wilds of the internet where you can hunt for them again when you feel the urge?

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