Gaza celebrates ceasefire by building fragile glass skyscraper


Palestinian authorities in Gaza have announced plans to celebrate the new ceasefire with Israel by building an enormous skyscraper made entirely of glass. The structure, which collapses if a bomb goes off anywhere within a 10 mile radius of it, was described by officials as ‘definitely a good idea’.

“We aren’t even going to build any foundations for it!” announced one excited official. “That’s how confident we are that it will still be here next year. Peace in our time!”

The decision to paint vehemently anti-Semitic slogans on the Western face of the building, and to use its upper echelons as a crucial communications centre for Hamas’ military units, has surprised those who doubt the longevity of the Israeli-Palestinian truce. At the time of going to press, however, planning ministers were assuring journalists that “from here on out, it’s all plain sailing for Palestine!”

“Good thing too,” added a jovial colleague, “especially since we’re constructing it in such a way that shards of razor-sharp glass would rain down across the entire city at the slightest disturbance!” “Not that that will ever happen,” he continued. “Nope, there’s no way anything could go wrong with this plan. Absolutely nothing.”

The tower will reportedly be built in the district containing the Gazan Jenga museum, the Middle East’s biggest house of cards, and all the UN run schools and hospitals.

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