Foolish man mistakes sunshine for happiness


A London man is convinced that the recent good weather has made him happy.

Christopher King, 35, who hasn’t spoken to his parents in over 3 years, spent most of the weekend in his local park. “I’ve read that vitamin D is good for your well-being, and since weather is usually so awful I thought I’d make the most of it! Let me tell you, I feel better already.”

“None of my friends seem to be around to enjoy it with me, but I guess we’re all busier these days, what with kids and jobs and marriage” said King, who lives alone and has not experienced true happiness since he was a child.

Having failed to fully accept that his ex-girlfriend has moved on and is happy with a new partner, King headed out into the afternoon heat while making sure not to forget his suncream. “It’s amazing how something so simple like a little bit of sun can completely change your outlook on life” he said while his subconscious continued to play him a never-ending carousel of images from his past.

“I’ll definitely make sure to sit outside during my lunch-break at work too. I won’t be getting rickets any time soon, that’s for sure!” At the time of press King had been passed over for an internal promotion for the second time.

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