Guardian commenters declare 5 hour ceasefire on Gaza articles


One casualty of the recent conflict takes some needed rest

Peace has been temporarily restored to the Guardian comment sections today after a 5 hour cease fire on all Gaza related articles was declared. Many commenters are using this opportunity to replenish their faith in humanity by seeking out cat images and Buzzfeed articles.

“It’s been a nightmare” said Steffy Jacobs, a regular Guardian reader caught in the crossfire. “Every time I ventured below the articles there was an endless barrage of conflicting opinionated comments about the Gaza situation. When I tried to intervene I was called a Zionist-Nazi-terrorist-occupier. I somehow know less about the situation then I did before.”

“This battle has been raging for as long as anyone can remember,” said one man with a Palestinian flag for a profile picture. “At this stage it’s not about who compared who to Hitler first or who was being more racist, we all just need a few hours to take on some liquids and check our emails. After that we can continue our struggle to control the site.”

There are already claims that the ceasefire has been broken with a comment regarding the 7 year blockade of the Gaza strip exploding onto the politics live blog at around 10:12.

“We were just milling around talking about Michael Gove when suddenly we were bombarded with rhetoric about the starvation of 1.8 million Palestinian,” said an innocent bystander who took a comment right to the eye. “You always hear about this happening but you never think it’s going to be in a comment section you’re reading.”

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