Boris Johnson with Prime Minister David Cameron

Raving lunatic says country run by group of old school friends

Boris Johnson with Prime Minister David Cameron

Dulwich shop assistant Angela Price is facing backlash from friends and colleagues for continuing to argue that the current government is made up of a group of old schoolmates who were ‘bred for power’ in an elite educational institution.

“They all went there, you know that, right?” Price told a casual gathering of work colleagues for the 17th time. “Cameron, Boris, Oliver Letwin, George Young. All those bastards. Oh and Princes William and Harry too, just later,” she added.

Price’s friends were quick to distance themselves from her comments. “I think she just had too much to drink. She kept saying they were at this school in Berkshire together” commented Adam Smith, a colleague. “She insisted that it costs £30,000 a year to send your kids there and that they wear morning-coats, false collars and pinstripe trousers – that sort of stuff.”

“Then there’s this thing she always says about a private club in Oxford whose members smash up restaurants and pay for the damage before they leave,” said Price’s brother Chris. “She thinks they had some sort of a special uniform too.”

“Classic drunk Angie!” he added, nervously.

Reports suggest Price stayed in the bar when everyone else had left to tell bar staff “they aren’t going anywhere you know? Even if they get ‘moved on’…they’ll still be there, behind the scenes, pulling all the strings. Even at the expense of better-qualified but less-well-educated ministers. Everyone knows that!” before being bundled into a minicab and sent home.

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