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Everyone in beer garden currently denying the holocaust

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Every single person basking in the sun in a nearby beer garden is currently denying the existence of the holocaust, confirmed multiple sources today.

“The Jews made it all up,” several of the customers in the garden are reported to have said, while serving each other Pimm’s and stretching luxuriously in the warm summer breeze. “It was just a ruse so they could get their hands on Israel.”

The occupants of the beer garden are currently either engaged in vibrant conversations, chatting loudly, or telling each other jokes, all related to the claim that the Nazi Party did not in fact end the lives of 6 million Jews throughout the duration of World War II.

“It’s what people want to do in beautiful weather like this,” commented the pub’s landlord. “Go down to your local pub, order a pint of cold lager, and fervently deny the holocaust.”

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