Parents worried FIFA 14 will turn children into professional footballers

0002ec5c-674Video games with gratuitous scenes of football may make impressionable children turn into professional footballer if parents are not vigilant, a new report has warned.

“If you practice something over and over, you have that knowledge in your head,” says Professor Aime Gentile. “You practice looking out for the sneaky cross, practice thinking that it’s acceptable to skin the defender on the inside when you know you’ve got the pace, and practice becoming desensitised to a lifestyle of champagne, fast cars and hookers. It’s no wonder our children are turning to the streets to get their fix when you take away the consoles.”

“I thought letting my boys play FIFA in their room was safe,” says one parent whose children fell under football’s influence. “I foolishly assumed they wouldn’t try and mimic what they saw. Then I got a report card home from school saying Charlie had nutmegged another child in the playground… My own flesh and blood! I was mortified.”

But experts say we can’t lay all the blame at the feet of video games. “Children are far more influenced by their parents behaviour,” says child psychologist Jules Furie. “Of course you’ll tell them that Lionel Messi can’t dodge and weave away from his problems, or try to focus on Wayne Rooney’s charity work. But at the end of the day, if they see Dad coming home from the park on Saturday afternoon with grass stains on his shorts and a big smile on his face… they’ll be kicking that can against the wall quicker than you can say ‘He was a mile offside reff! Are you bloody blind!?’”

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