Michelin-starred restaurant just pub with elaborately worded menu


The chef’s speciality

Promising diners “Shredded potato, immersed in boiling oil, gently salted and sealed in a foil package”, it has today emerged that an exclusive restaurant in central London is just a local pub with an incredibly elaborate menu.

The restaurant has already attracted attention for its signature dish, “Puree of root vegetables, extracted from an aluminium cylinder and served in a half porcelain sphere” and the chef’s speciality, “Pan-fried hens eggs lightly drizzled in tomato sauce”.

A recent press release from the restaurant has announced that “Customers can expect to be seated on a length of flexible polymer suspended in mid-air, whilst reading menus made of bleached wood pulp dried into flexible sheets, drinking water filtered through 100 miles of aged steel piping, and inhaling a carefully prepared mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen.”

Not all customers were impressed, with one restaurant- goer remarking that, “In retrospect, I’m not sure what I was expecting from a Michelin starred restaurant which is also a Wetherspoons.”

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