Sam Wright is often inadvertently barraged with inappropriate job offers in technology firms because of her name.

Woman named Sam accidentally invited for job interview

A woman whose parents endowed her with a potentially masculine name at birth has been mistakenly invited for a job interview, sources revealed today.

Samantha ‘Sam’ Wright, 28, of Loughborough, arrived for her interview with Jones Electronics last Tuesday, before being turned away due to an administrative error regarding her genitals.

“We thought ‘Sam’ was a man,” said Terry Jones, Managing Director of Jones Electronics. “So he’d fit right in here at Jones Electronics. But when we invited him for interview and realised he was a she, we didn’t know what to do.”

Jones had originally considered Wright’s past as a CEO of a motor company to be a real asset, but upon realising she had a vagina he re-evaluated the situation and concluded she was merely a bossy bitch. Similarly, her 1st class Honours degree in Electrical Engineering was no longer an impressive academic award, but instead “a bit of a turn-off, if I’m honest”.

“We couldn’t hire Sam because she’d definitely fall in love with Alan from marketing and then need maternity leave whilst she bequeathed him a male heir,” said Jones. “It’s a shame, but she just isn’t right for us. Cracking set of tits though.”

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