Video criticising social media obsession goes viral on Facebook and Twitter


A new video explaining how social media has corrupted society has gone viral today on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit.

“We’re totally psyched by the response this has got,” commented Jerry Kahn, creator of the video, which solely consists of an 18-minute rant about how social media has ruined all of our lives. “It’s just exciting to see people across every social media site sharing our vision that these sites shouldn’t exist, and using their sites to get our message across to millions more people who use these sites.”

The video, which maintains that people on social media are ‘wasting their lives’, ‘will die alone’ and ‘are turning into robots’, has quickly become one of 2014’s must-watch videos on Facebook.

“It was just so compelling,” said Kim Trant, a 23-year old from Oregon. “The second I finished watching it, I had this urge to immediately share their message that social media is slowly eroding the boundaries between real and fake, and leading to the inevitable decline of Western Civilisation.”

“So I stuck it on Tumblr and immediately like 20 people commented,” added Trant. “Score!”

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