Children not spending enough time outdoors, says new report released by paedophiles


British children are facing a ‘real crisis’ of spending too much time indoors, concludes a new report released today by the Paedophile Association, an independent thinktank.

“It’s clear to us that parents just aren’t doing a good enough job of sending their kids out to get fresh air and exercise in the area near their homes – unsupervised or otherwise,” commented Tim Doherty, the report’s co-author. “Our street surveying shows a dramatic fall in the number of children roaming freely in their neighbourhoods over the last few years. We need to make sure these kids are experiencing life to the full, getting outside, playing football, running around the playground, meeting other kids, being groomed or abducted – instead of staying glued to screens all day.”

The report’s recommendations include sending your kid alone to the shops without a mobile phone, telling them to go and sit in a park for a couple of hours, and dropping them in the middle of a field in a remote area ‘so they can develop their independence’.

“If your kids still refuse to leave their computers, you should be actively encouraging them to be more sociable online, for instance by making their Facebook profiles public, uploading details of their address and school, and frequenting online chat forums,” added Doherty.


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