Death row execution ends in tragedy as inmate dies

"The execution was going smoothly until the guy suddenly started dying on us."

“The inmate was safely strapped into his gurney, then he suddenly started dying.”

Tragedy struck a death row execution today when inmate Clayton Lockett died horribly after a routine injection of a lethal cocktail of drugs went wrong.

“How could this happen?” sobbed Judd Fraser, Oklahoma State Executioner as he held the syringe full of poison he had just pushed into another human being. “This was meant to be a regular lethal injection, but now it’s gone horribly wrong. I didn’t get into the execution business to kill people!”

Witnesses to the execution were shocked as they watched a living man dying in front of their eyes. “I was under the impression this was just a normal execution. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, until we all suddenly realise the guy is dying in front of our eyes,” said Reverend John Parkinson. “I came to see a black criminal executed, not a fellow man die in terrible pain.”

The State of Oklahoma has ordered an immediate review of all methods of execution in response to claims that many of them result in death. This is not the first time an execution has gone awry, with over 1,300 accidental deaths by state execution in the USA since 1976. “This is the greatest country on earth,” said Fraser. “Why does this keep happening? For God’s sake, why?”

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