Sought-after “Nigel Farage’s wife” position outsourced to foreigner


A woman hurriedly makes her way home to her husband


There was more scandal for UKIP this week after it was revealed that Nigel Farage has outsourced the job of being his wife to a German non-profit entity.

The role of marginally-least-unpopular-politician’s wife has traditionally been one held by English nationals such as Mary Anne Lewis, wife of Benjamin Disraeli until her death in 1872, and more recently Samantha Cameron, who occupied the role until people started hating her husband in 2013.

Some political commentators have noted that this seems to sit at odds with Mr Farage’s party policy. Under the latest UKIP proposals, there would be a cap imposed on the number of European partners entering the country looking for love, which the party claim will help accelerate the country’s romantic recovery.

Mr Farage today defended himself against allegations of hypocrisy, claiming, “This is not a job any woman in Britain would be willing to do. I know: I asked.”

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