Washing up liquid advert ignores the fact that we will all die alone


Promising humanity ‘cleaner plates than ever before!’, a recent fairy liquid advert has completely passed over the fact that we will all eventually disappear into dust and that absolutely nothing, including really great washing up liquid, can do anything about it.

“New lemon scented fairy will make your plates that perfect shade of white,” the ad brazenly claimed, as if we aren’t mortal human beings with only a handful more decades to live, possibly even less if struck by cancer or a car accident.

The advert, which retail analysts predict will bring in £39.7m in sales in the next financial quarter, skates around key existential issues such as the pathetic transience of our lives, the fact that our closest friends and family will all perish around us, and the improbability of any kind of afterlife.

“Fairy Xtreme is available for £1.95 at a supermarket near you,” concludes the advert, completely leaving out key details such as, “And it’ll all be over soon my child, just rest and enjoy the journey into oblivion.”

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