Young woman’s tragic death converted into 14 retweets


“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha a young woman died.”

Amid the tragedy of the untimely death of a young mother of two, there was a silver lining to the cloud of despair as one Twitter user picked up 14 retweets for a joke about her death.

“It wasn’t all for nothing,” said Andy Parkinson, who within minutes of the announcement that a 25-year-old woman had died had logged into his Twitter account and tweeted something he’d stolen from Sickipedia. “I’m sure her two young children will be pleased to know their mother didn’t die in vain.” The same joke was cross-posted to his Facebook account and received 3 likes.

Fortunately for social media wits the young woman came from a famous family, giving lots of scope for references to famous things related to her family that also tied in with her tragic death, such as the fact that she died on a day of the week and also had a name.

The young woman’s death was also successfully converted into advertising revenue for major corporations owned by billionaires, as well as moralising articles about the dangers of fame which were published on the front pages of newspapers and websites to wring as much coverage as possible out of the death.

“It’s been hard for all of us,” said journalist Michelle Baker. “We had to come up with this vacuous nonsense in just a few hours! But fortunately we didn’t let her death go to waste – we just skimread Wikipedia like pros and fired off 500 insincere words. It’s what she would have wanted.”

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