"What am I going to do with all this space?!" No one exclaimed.

Apprenticeship enables woman to rent the flat of her nightmares

"What am I going to do with all this space?!" No one exclaimed.

“What am I going to do with all this space?!” No one exclaimed.

18-year-old Hannah, who had been living in her parent’s spacious suburban house until last month, was finally able to afford the rent on her 20 square meter apartment after being accepted as a trainee kitchen assistant at Harry Ramsden’s, Ealing. She is being trained by 43-year-old assistant trainee chef Mark.

“Its just like I’ve always imagined.” says Hannah, who is delighted with her new-found independence, but less so with her new accommodation. “As long as these accumulators at Betfair pay out, then together with what I earn, I should just about be able to cover the rent. I just need to keep the lights and heating off and only boil the kettle when people come over. Which is never because there is simply not enough space”

“My bed, microwave, sofa, and shower are all together in one room. My life in one tiny, cold room. Like some kind of horrible museum. My skin is crawling.”

“On the bright side, I have invented some new games.  My favorite one at the moment is ‘how long can I stay in a cold water shower for’. So far my record is three minutes.”

“Plus, it’s only a 50 minute commute from where I need to catch the train to get to work – 50 minutes of warmth! So that’s a real positive. Besides, when you get pneumonia, you know about it, right?

“I’ve sat down and looked at my earnings, and if I combine them with my savings and a possible tax rebate, I reckon it’s only another 10 years before I can afford metal cutlery. I’m sure this plastic stuff will last until then”.

“It’s good to see her moving on with her life” Hannah’s parents told us, “And at least it keeps her out of art college. Oh, and we can go on the Saga cruise now.”

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