Max Clifford

Max Clifford forced to hire Max Clifford

Max Clifford

Top PR guru Max Clifford is reported to have hired the services of top PR guru Max Clifford yesterday in a move aimed at cleaning up his public image, following charges of indecent assault on several teenagers in the 70s.

“Max is a dedicated family man,” commented Max Clifford on behalf of Max Clifford. “Only this morning, he was playing with his daughter and their pet labrador Domino – before he drove to court to defend allegations of sexually abusing minors.”

“It goes without saying that Max has donated heavily to charity throughout his life – ask yourself, is that the kind of man who would do these terrible things to innocent children?” Clifford added as pictures of him touching teenage girls were presented to the jury.

Clifford is reported to have advised his client to say absolutely nothing to the press without running it by him first.

“I tell all my clients this – I’m the expert, so just do what I tell you and you’ll be fine,” commented Clifford, who is facing a jail sentence of 11 years.

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