"Seriously dude, can you just shut the fuck up for one second?"

God: “I hate Fred Phelps”

"Seriously dude, can you just shut the fuck up for one second?"

“Seriously dude, can you just shut the fuck up for one second?”

I know my son told you to “love thy neighbour” and all that but I’m starting to see why everyone down there is so happy about this old man dying. What a dick!

He wasn’t inside the gates five minutes and he started shouting at one of the other angels for being too effeminate. I’m like “Dude, chill! What the fuck did you think wings and golden harps was going to look like? Don’t look behind you whatever you do.”

Obviously I had to let him in because he’s probably the only person to have properly followed my rules in, like, 200 years but the guy is already getting on my nerves. It’s like, “You’re in. You don’t need to try so hard anymore. Can you go smoke a joint or something?” For some reason he just can’t relax. I think he was expecting something different.

You should have seen the fuss he made when he found out Gabriel is gay. I don’t get it myself but “to each his own” you know? I mean, he’s called Gay-briel! The clue is in the name, dumbass, there’s no need to have a fit.

Look at him now! Shouting at passers-by in a “God Hates Short Sleeves” tee shirt. Jesus Christ, that’s exactly the kind of shit I’m taking about. I did not say that!

I’m this close to sending him down to Lucifer. Those fuckers deserve each other. Lucy is a total closet case too.

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