While the object originally appeared to be an object, it later turned out not to be

Wreckage found in Indian Ocean “just another plane”

planeobject.jp  Wreckage found in Indian Ocean just another plane

While the object originally appeared to be an object, it later turned out not to be

Investigators searching for flight MH370 were forced into an embarrassing climbdown after discovering that wreckage in the Indian Ocean, thought to be the remains of flight MH370, was in fact just the wreckage of a similar plane that had crashed there years before.

The discovery, made by a Lincolnshire man who had been walking his dog 1,500 miles southwest of Perth, had brought hope to many that the questions around the missing plane would be finally answered. However, forensic inspection of the debris and passengers’ bodies, some of whom were wearing Royal Wedding t-shirts and holding Lady Gaga’s second album, revealed that it was actually a similar aircraft that had crashed in 2011.

“It’s a real shame”, said one investigator, tossing the Boeing airliner and hundreds of corpses back into the cold depths of the ocean. “We thought we were finally on the verge of bringing closure to all those families, but it turns out we all wasted our time.“

“Where did it come from?” he continued “Who was on it? These are just some of the questions I have absolutely no interest in. Planes like this crash all the time. Like, every day. Time to put this back in the sea, where it came from and presumably belongs.”

“It’s a pity, because what with the intact black box and complete passenger records, we could have made some real headway on this one” he said, skimming the recording device across the waves like a giant pebble, “Oh well, back to examining every pixel of the Indian Ocean.”

Following the discovery, Thailand finally handed over radar data covering the crash, along with eyewitness reports and high definition footage.

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