Tony Benn

Cameron on Tony Benn: “He was certainly a man who was alive”

Tony Benn

Extracts from Cameron’s statement this morning on the death of the late Tony Benn, Labour politician

“What can I say about Tony Benn? He was certainly a man who was alive, and active in politics. Tony was always speaking, writing, or just there, whether in the House of Commons or in another physical location – for instance, Brighton, which he probably visited once or twice for a Labour conference or something. Good old Tony. If there’s one thing we can all agree on about Tony, it was that nobody was as great at being Tony Benn as he was.”

“There’s a funny story about Tony and me actually. Once, I bumped into him in the House Of Commons bar – purely by coincidence! Ah, yes, that was indeed an amusing episode involving the two of us – myself, and Tony Benn.”

“The thing about Tony was that he was a Labour politician, and a damn big one at that – a really huge, big Labour politician. Through and through. I know that to many who knew him, he was nice, and it goes without saying that he had many admirers, of whom, it goes without saying, I was an admirer.”

“We will always remember him – not just due to, which maintains a thorough record of UK politics, but also because of those little things that made him Tony. His face, his torso, his legs – many have said that these were excellent. Oh, and his diaries! I’ve seen them on shelves in people’s houses. People I admire. Actually, I remember the last one I picked up – Tony Benn, Diaries, Vol. 6 it said. Classic Tony”

“My thoughts and deepest condolences go out to any family Tony might have had.”

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