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Tragedy as Pistorius shoots own lawyer through courtroom replica door

South Africa was left shaken today after Oscar Pistorius shot his defence attorney Barry Roux dead through the door of the replica toilet being used as evidence in his trial.

Early reports are suggesting that the Paralympic champion woke up from a courtroom nap and, hearing suspicious noises from the other side of the toilet door, issued four shots through the wood, three of which hit Mr Roux in the legs and chest. The court stenographer is unable to confirm whether the judge called order before or after the shots were fired.

Roux, who had just been illustrating how Ms Steenkamp had been positioned at the time of the incident, had accidentally left a replica of the gun used by Pistorius on the desk in front of him. The gun was said to have been loaded with replica bullets.

In his defence, Pistorius said, “I thought it was the prosecuting counsel. I checked to see if Barry was in his chair and I thought he was, or at least in the corner of my eye I saw someone sitting down where he sits. I guess it was just a bunch of pillows or something. There’s normally quite a few pillows in South African courtrooms.”

It is unclear at time of press whether further charges will be brought against Pistorius amidst fears of the incident repeating itself at every subsequent trial, causing a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect and leading to the deaths of all the lawyers in the country.

In a statement released early this morning, Pistorius’s new defence counsel said, “On the one hand this definitely looks bad, but on the other, this sort of proves his point that this is a really easy mistake to make. I bet it’s what Barry would’ve wanted.”

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