Malaysia Airlines

Missing Malaysia plane caused by TERRORISM*

Malaysia Airlines

*Please note that at time of going to press there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was reported missing on Saturday night with TERRORISM believed not likely to be the cause.  All 239 on board the plane are almost certainly DEAD, perhaps, but probably not due to TERRORISM.

 A potential but unlikely TERRORIST was on board the plane travelling with STOLEN DOCUMENTS.  The 19 year old from IRAN, a country well-known to be rife with TERRORIST ACTIVITY is believed to have no TERRORIST LINKS.

A second person who was probably not a TERRORIST who was also on board has yet to be ruled out as being a TERRORIST. This means that according to international law he currently holds TERRORIST status until proven otherwise.

In an official statement today, Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar said, “We have to bear in mind in these panicked times that the cause of this crash was almost certainly not a heinous act of TERRORISM.

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