Comment: I’ve wanted to be a pollster 67% of my life

‘According to these results, I think I love you’

Some children grow up wanting to be a fireman (23%); some want to be an astronaut (13%); others grew up undecided or chose not to respond (8%). But me? I was three sigma confident that I wanted to enter the noble profession of Consumer Polling. Ever since I saw my first clipboard at the age of 6, I knew that was the life for me.

I come from an average family. Not statistically speaking obviously, it’s impossible to have .38 of a sibling without some horrible accident. And horrible accidents like that are statistically unlikely to happen creating a paradox that frequently troubles me. Luckily I have a partner to calm me down in such instances, which puts me in the same bracket as just over half of the rest of the country.

I met my wife after taking the personal information of over two million UK-based women from the Match.com databases. After analysing the results I was able to come to the probable conclusion that Annabelle Williams of Tring would make an ideal ‘partner in stats’. My theory was proved right. You could say it was ‘love at first cite’. If you did, YouGov suggests that 46% of people aged 26-45 on an income of £24,000 pa or higher would laugh quietly despite themselves.

I am lucky to be part of that small (19.5%) group of UK residents who strongly agree with the statement ‘I enjoy my work’ (source: Gallup, 2001), and I can’t wait to get out on the streets again on Monday to find out what Britain really thinks. Statistically speaking.

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