‘Launch illegal war’, Blair advised Brooks and Murdoch


“I don’t care what the UN say, tell Rupert this came from me.”

According to reports from the Old Bailey, Tony Blair secretly advised Rebekah Brooks to launch an illegal war against a Middle Eastern country at the height of the phone hacking scandal.

Evidence heard today as part of the prosecution’s case shows that the former prime minister told Brooks that their best course of action to deal with the revelations was to “invade some desert”.

In a 2011 email to Andy Coulson read out at the trial, Brooks relayed Blair’s proposed plan of action to solve the phone hacking crisis, including tips like “ignore international peace-keeping efforts” and “get bogged down in a gritty civil war leaving hundreds of thousands dead”.

“Not quite sure I understand how this would help us,” Brooks admitted in the email. “But Tony seemed very insistent that this was the best thing to do. He is sending over dossier with fabricated WMD evidence later.”

The fact that News International did not follow Blair’s advice to launch an illegal war is said to have caused a huge rift between Blair and Murdoch, according to close friends of the media mogul. “That, and the Wendi Deng thing.”


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